What is MIPPA?

The Michigan Independent Pool Player Association, or MIPPA, is a league designated for pool players in the state of Michigan. Below are some of the great benefits of participating in MIPPA.


You can find a league at our around your current location. League generally runs in fall and in summer. League play is a perfect opportunity to meet up with new and old friends and have fun.

Paying It Forward

The greatest advantage of participating in MIPPA is that proceeds to MIPPA equate to bigger payouts both in league and tournaments and all money stays in the state of Michigan!

Annual Tournament

Participating in 8 or more league dates in a MIPPA calendar year qualifies you for the annual state tournament. The state tournament is held at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Web Application

MIPPA houses a web application that works on major phones, tablets, and personal computers via a web browser. The app keeps track of player/team statistics and scores

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